Friday, September 30, 2016

Week 8 (Okay girls are coming after me)

I don't really know whats going on but this hypnosis mp3 is amazing. First of all, I noticed a few girls starring at me and then looking away when I caught them. I guess this hypnosis program Is changing my behavior in a way that women are noticing me more. I noticed one cute girl starring at me through a mirror at my job and when I saw what she was doing she looked away and her face turned red. I also noticed another glancing at me more than a few times when she was talking to her boyfriend (poor guy). But the real kicker is when my hot married coworker ((okay that is a understatement, she is gorgeous)) decided to put her hand on my crotch. That is insane,...when I looked down I couldn't believe it. She kept it there for a good 5 minutes, I don't think she realized that she had her hand right on my crotch while she was talking to another worker. I just stood there enjoying it but the way she did it made it look so natural so the other worker didn't even notice but I felt it. I didn't say anything to bring attention to the situation but I wish it lasted longer than 5 min.

If you wanna know what hypnosis download I'm listening to got my first post

I get this the feeling this program is not only changing my habits around attractive women but also my behavior which is getting me more attention.

I've been falling asleep on most of my recent listening sessions, but I'm gonna try to stay awake from now on, It's really relaxing. Until next week
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