Monday, August 1, 2016

Do Hypnosis Downloads Really Work?

Hi glad you joined me on my quest to find out the truth. I've recently come across a few websites that sell hypnosis downloads. Over the next few months I've decided to test out a program called (confidence with attractive women) on . It will be very interesting to see what the end result will be after listening to this particular program since I have a non existent dating life and women hardly ever give me the time of day. Ever since I was younger I've never had much of dating life. So the possible change this program could bring would be very noticeable compared to the 100's of other programs I could have chosen on this website.

The (confidence with attractive women) states at the top of the sales page...."what women find attractive is a confident man"...."and you can be him"......sounds intriguing.....I think of myself as a confident guy around women but I get really scared about showing interest in women I like....lets see if this program changes that...but anyway before I begin my little experiment.....lets list results or changes this program is supposed to bring to me in the next few weeks:

  • feel calmer around members of the opposite sex- something I'm not
  • feel free to be yourself when talking to anyone you're attracted to - that's a no go
  • associate flirting and dating with fun and good times - girls ignore me when I flirt that's no fun
  • look forward to having the chance to enjoy yourself - this is a plus
  • enjoy getting to know people without feeling pressured - I guess this means I'll be more social
Overall out of all 5 changes the website listed. I'm going to see in the coming weeks if I'm having a lot more fun talking to women and if I'm a lot more comfortable around extremely attractive women. Truthfully at this moment I hate flirting with women because I always get a nasty negative feels like I'm in a war zone every time show interest in a girl if any....lets see if this program changes this 33 year old mans dating destiny....

I'll begin my listening sessions tonight and I'll be posting any noticeable changes to my behavior on a weekly bases.....find out what happened to me by going to my homepage

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